Italian food from Umbria delivered right to your door.-TASTE ME! I'M ITALIAN FROM UMBRIA

Italian food from Umbria delivered right to your door.-TASTE ME! I'M ITALIAN FROM UMBRIA

Love delicious Italian food but no time to prepare!
Paul does and this is what he had to say:

'I love Italian food and bought the Sellano special offer package -
there are not many delicious meals you can prepare in 10 minutes. The sauces are absolutely wonderful.'

Paul Withers, Oxfordshire

So discover delicious Italian food from Umbria as Paul did NOW. Just click on the Sellano Package picture below.


Before you buy, claim your
'taste me'10% discount NOW?

When you buy our Umbrian food products for the first time, and spend 50.00 or more we will give you a 10% discount on the special offer packages and the packages of three jars of sauces. Simply complete the FORM to claim your 10% discount.


Our current range of products include: TASTY SPECIAL OFFERS, SAUCES AND SLICES OF SUMMER BLACK TRUFFLES PACKED IN THREES that reflect the region and include Strangozzi (typical Umbrian pasta), Tartufata Sauce, Hot Umbrian Sauce, Asparagus Sauce, Wild Boar Sauce and Slices of Summer Black Truffles.


There are two ways of buying the products:
1) Go to the BUY SPECIAL OFFERS & SAUCES where you can use PayPal and all major credit cards.

2) You can place an order using the ORDER FORM and pay by online banking - once you send us your order we will email you with a confirmation of costs for your package including delivery.

3) If you live outside the UK please use the ORDER FORM and we will confirm the total cost of your order including delivery by Connect+ or DHL.

The Taste of Umbria is committed to high quality Umbrian food products that are sourced from producers who are trusted and have the same values as me. Our products are full of the flavour of this stunningly beautiful region and we deliver them right to your door.

Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy due to its rolling landscapes, medieval hill towns, dense forests and fertile land. Simplicity is the key in Umbrian cuisine as it relies on excellent seasonal produce, particularly mushroom; truffles; vegetables; cereals & pulses such as lentils and chickpeas; spelt, poultry, meat, game and stunning Umbrian wine. The Taste of Umbria brings to your door the very best Italian food products from Umbria and the traditional pasta from Umbria - Strangozzi.

Our future product range of Italian food from Umbria will include: strangozzi - a typical Umbrian pasta, fresh truffles, sliced truffles, sauces, pulses, olive oil, sweet things and local wines.
Until the launch of the complete website in Autumn 2018 we have created four delicious special offer packages and a small range of very tasty sauces.  

My name is Chris Smosarski, founder of and I am delighted to be able to offer you an Umbrian eating experience through our delicious Speciality Umbrian food products.
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Chris Smosarski

Founder of